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Client Reviews

Healing, empowering, and FUN!

“I am a pretty shy person by nature, so the idea of a photo shoot wasn’t easy for me. I’ve always felt uncomfortable in front of a camera, but at the same time have always wanted fun, sexy photos of myself. Janelle is so PATIENT and SUPPORTIVE that the nerves and awkwardness that I had been expecting never even came up. The photos are incredible…Janelle captured so many different expressions and emotions that each picture is truly unique. The thing that really amazed me though, was how FUN it was to take them. The process felt healing and empowering, and I laughed the entire time.” – Edna Vilozny

I felt beautiful again…

“This was such an empowering experience. You made me feel so beautiful that day and when I saw the pictures today I felt beautiful again. Thank you for bringing so much happiness and self-love into my life.” – B.

Feeling like a goddess!

“After the photo shoot, I walked around feeling like a goddess for the rest of the day. I felt the same way after the 2nd photo shoot! I’ll definitely be coming to more Pin-up Parties because I know I’ll go home feeling like a goddess!” – L.

Super girl-power support…

“One of my secret life goals (well, not such a secret any more 😉 is to be one of Pin-ups for the Planet’s poster-girls!!!! xoxo ♥ ♥ ♥ I love that your photo shoots are ladies-only, super girl-power support and such fun! I can’t WAIT for the next one!!!!!!!” – N.

Camaraderie, warmth and strength…

“The camaraderie, warmth and strength found with all the Pin-ups for the Planet ladies made me so comfortable. Janelle is an excellent photographer who goes out of her way to make clients feel at ease. I would recommend this experience to any woman who wants to feel beautiful and empowered!” – Vanessa Quiroz-Carter

Every woman has a Glamazon deep down inside!

“It was a really memorable and positive experience that I think a lot of females could benefit from. The surrounding of female energy during the shoot is very motivating and supportive. Every woman has a GLAMAZON deep down inside, it’s just a matter of bringing her out.” – Autumn Marsilio

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