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Giving Back

Janelle volunteering at a local river clean-up on behalf of Pin-ups for the Planet™

Pin-ups for the Planet™ is making a way for gorgeous pin-up art to support gorgeous charitable causes. The project was created by Janelle Evans, through her business, Lively Media, in April of 2011.

Janelle is dedicated to reminding every woman of the Beauty that she is, to creating stunning & personalized works of art, and to giving generously to non-profit agencies and charities that benefit our planet and the people, plants, and animals who live here.

Any investment in Pin-ups for the Planet™ products or services triggers an investment in positive environmental and social change. A generous portion of every sale goes to a non-profit organization or charity.

As of March 2012, Pin-ups for the Planet™ has made monetary donations and given volunteer time to the following organizations:

Donations are planned for the following organizations & more:

Get a special treat from me!

If any of these organizations are doing work that speaks to your heart, I encourage you to visit their website and donate $5 directly to them. Email me a copy of your donation receipt for a little treat! You can reach me at:


By participating in a Pin-up Photoshoot Party or purchasing a unique, rare piece from our “Art for a Cause” Collection, you’re the catalyst for our domino effect of giving!