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Are you camera shy?

You CAN look amazing in pin-up portraits — you don’t need to wait until you lose weight, you don’t need to believe that you don’t have enough curves in the “right places,” you don’t need to be held back by thinking you’re not pretty enough, confident enough, photogenic enough… Enough!

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I used to be terrified of getting my portrait taken because I was afraid that my pictures would prove to me and the world that I was too ugly and dumb to be worth a damn. It sounds dramatic when put into words, but our shame and fear ARE really dramatic, when we try to hide it away and pretend it’s not there. Acknowledging our fears, facing them, and getting help from someone who’s been in the trenches is the best way to move forward.

If you’re camera shy, or nervous about getting pin-up portraits, but you’re excited to give it a try, and you’re willing to believe you just might actually be beautiful (you are, BTW) — then I would LOVE to meet you and create pin-up portraits for you.

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