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About Janelle Evans & Pin-ups for the Planet™

Pin-ups for the Planet™ creates gorgeous pin-up art to support gorgeous charitable causes. This is the place where the everyday woman stars in her own beautiful, custom pin-up portraits. My specialty is photographing women who are camera shy or think they might not have what it takes to be a pin-up girl, and WOWing them with the results. 🙂 The project was created by me, Janelle Evans, through my business, Lively Media, in April of 2011.

I’m committed to reminding every woman of the Beauty that you are, because it’s just not right that so many women that I love think that they aren’t good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, curvy enough, attractive enough, etc etc etc! ENOUGH! 🙂

I’ve battled these feelings about myself since I was a pre-teen, and I know how crazy it can feel. I also know how these feelings hold us back from doing, being, and attracting what we really want in life.

That’s why I created Pin-ups for the Planet™ — so we can have an enjoyable way for us to rewrite how we feel about ourselves, our bodies, and our attractiveness. I think therapy has its time & place, but if we can have fun while butting up against some of these scary feelings, why not?!

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing dozens of women (and men), only a couple of which who would have considered themselves models prior to the experience. My clients tell me that before getting their photos done by me, they hated being in front of the camera — but with me it was surprisingly fun and easy.

The reason I’m able to have this effect is that I used to be *terrified* of being on camera (I even cried, once!).

I know how scary it can feel to be photographed, and I also know how amazing and liberating it is to break free from that fear. This is the experience I facilitate for my clients. (Read some testimonials here…)

I want to help you connect with your inherent worth, beauty, and power — and have a boatload of fun at the same time.

The party posse having fun at a Pinup Photo-shoot Party!The main way that you can get involved with Pin-ups for the Planet™ is by coming to one of my Pin-up Photoshoot Parties. If you’ve never been to a Pin-up Photoshoot Party, and you want to see what it’s like (risk-free!), I invite you to enter to win a free spot at my next Lucky Ladies Pin-up Party. Learn all about it by clicking here.

Do you want to do a special pin-up photoshoot at a fun location like the beach or at your home? Tell me about your ideas and desires, and I’ll plan the perfect package for you. We can do a group party for your bachelorette party, birthday party, baby shower, or just because! If you prefer a solo session, that’s fine, too. Click here to access the contact form, and I’ll get back to you right away.

You can also subscribe to the Pin-ups for the Planet™ Email Magazine to receive fun & helpful videos and articles. You can expect tips on how to go beyond “environmentally friendly” to “Environmentally Sexy!” in your fashion choices, updates on Pin-ups for the Planet™ events and offerings, subscriber-only discounts, and a thoughtful, evolving dialogue on beauty, body-image, and being seen.

The real icing on the cake of all this deliciousness is this: Every investment in a Pin-ups for the Planet™ product or service triggers an investment in positive environmental and social change. (What can I say? I’m a peace-loving, environmental studies graduate from Santa Cruz!) A generous portion of every sale goes to a non-profit organization or charity! You can learn more on the “Giving Back” page.

Thanks so much for taking a moment to learn about me & Pin-ups for the Planet™.

Now I want to learn about you! Will you enter your name to win a spot at my next Lucky Ladies Pin-up Photoshoot? For details, click here. I hope you win, so I can meet you in person!


Janelle Evans
Pin-ups for the Planet™ Founder & Photographer

Janelle’s Bio

Janelle Evans created Pin-ups for the Planet™ in April of 2011, as a way to create gorgeous, personalized pin-up art and support gorgeous charitable causes at the same time. She is dedicated to reminding every woman of the Beauty that she is, to creating stunning & personalized works of art, and to giving generously to non-profit agencies and charities that benefit our planet and the people, plants, and animals who live here.

Janelle Evans.

Any investment in Pin-ups for the Planet™ products or services triggers an investment in positive environmental and social change. A generous portion of every sale goes to a non-profit organization or charity.

Janelle has had the pleasure of photographing dozens of women, only a couple of which would have considered themselves models prior to the experience. She’s facilitated each of her clients to connect with their inherent worth, beauty, and power.

Through her Pin-up Photoshoot Parties, Lucky Ladies Program, and Pin-ups for the Planet™ Email Magazine, Janelle spreads bliss and encourages “Love for People and Planet” with her signature mix of humor, joy, creativity, and wisdom. She’s well known for her ability to bring out the very best in her portrait clients, helping them overcome any amount of nervousness.

A candid shot of Janelle at her "Classic Cars & Classy Chicks!" themed Pin-up Photoshoot Party in 2011.

She’s appeared as a guest speaker and educator at events hosted by Brandy Mychals and Caterina Rando, and she loves teaching and leading her own fun & engaging workshops.

After graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz with bachelor’s degrees in both Environmental Studies and Art, she enjoyed working at Jaguar Design Studio in Aptos, California before deciding to start her own business. She learned how to run a heart-based & successful business by investing in every business-development and personal-growth program offered by Jesse Koren & Sharla Jacobs of million-dollar training company, Thrive Academy. She has also had the honor of serving as their official event photographer.

Born and raised a California girl, Janelle has lived happily in Santa Cruz for over 10 years. She’s currently residing in her dream home with her long-time boyfriend Andy and the snuggliest, most handsome cat ever, Chichi Johnson.

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